Instructional Aides

Since 2011, DSF has funded additional services of instructional classroom aides in the areas of math and reading at elementary campuses. Principals and staff overwhelmingly agree that aides help with increased class size challenges. Over the next three years, DSF seeks to continue to fill this gap so that our children get the individualized attention they deserve.

“Having an instructional aide is incredibly helpful. Our aide gives students a way of getting the help they need so they spend the entire class time learning. Thank you DSF for the chance to hold on to such an important part of our overall program in supporting students.”

Scott Stanowicz, Fifth Grade Teacher, Pioneer Elementary 

“Receiving funds from the Davis Schools Foundation allowed North Davis Elementary to sustain our current reading aides along with increasing their time to provide more intervention support for our students.”

Dr. Ramon Cusi, principal of North Davis Elementary.

“The Davis Schools Foundation grant for elementary aides paid for reading and math aides at our school. Having this support is invaluable. ”

Heidi Perry, principal of Willett Elementary